Polish your nails in one of this autumn’s most popular colours


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I love this wine red colour from Estèe Lauder. I bought a 4-pices packet one month ago when I was in Rome. One of this autumn’s most popular colours, trust me 😉



Tears in heaven

Dear little honey. you’re my baby and my best friend. Last friday I had to kiss you goodbye for the last time. You were the source to my energi and happines. You were such a beauty, always such a happy soul, with a great personality and a big BIG heart. Now you’re in dogheaven, playing and running like a puppy. No more pain or humilitation of not being able to stand on your feet. No one can take your proudness from you. You were, are and always will be in my heart. You have been such a great inspiration and a good friend to me all these years, almost my hole life. You were always there when I was sad and felt that my hole world was breaking down. You were the one who could make a smile on my lips. I always felt so much loved when you were around. Thanks baby for completeing my life ❤ImageImageImage


The last picture is from the last day of his life

Ziggy 1. May 1998 to 19. April 2013 ❤

Hello, Are u still there?

So, i know it has been a long time now since my last writing. I have been experimenting with creating a danish blog on blogspot that i forgot all about updating this blog. For my danish readers, I kan tjekke bloggen her.

Well, i have in these few weeks experimented with some diet powder called Nutrilette. Do you know it? I would really like to hear from anyone who have tried it. This is what I’m talking about..


now I’ll go to bed. I’ll be back in the morning, promise! 😉 enchanté